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Yeti Cooler
Yeti Cooler The YETI® Roadie® is BYOB’s new best friend. Its ColdLock™ Gasket is built just like the Tundra®’s, so ice stays colder longer, and its No Sweat™ Design means you’ll never be stuck mopping up a mess. Yeti Cooler Tundra Compare….Apparently, he NEEDS one of these! 😉 Yeti Roadie 20 Small but mighty, the YETI Roadie is the best personal cooler you’ll ever find to protect your lunch from the ravages of sandwich-soggifying, drink-sweating heat. Built with the same ha Way to my heart? buy me a yeti so i can store my deer meat in it. 😉

Ultimate girl river experience, Pink Roadie 20 Cooler,BOTE + YETI = BAD ASS BOTE only uses the best materials so it would make sense that a BOTE Board should be rigged with the best coolers! The 35Qt. YETI® Cooler can be attached to the board up under th Yeti Cooler Tundra Compare….Apparently, he NEEDS one of these! 😉 YETI Tundra 45 Cooler Yeti monogram inside cooler YETI Coolers | They may be expensive, but if you think of it as a mobile refrigerator, you’re getting off cheap. The Tundra cooler allows you to bring perishable foods on your adventures—up to eight days on one load of ice. Yetis are also impossible to destroy, making them an investment for life.