Ice trays are not just for freezing ice, Agree? These cool and creative Ice Tray Hacks are worth trying!

Ice Tray
Ice Tray Fresh & Pure Ice Tray ideas Fresh & Pure Ice Tray ideas Ice cubes don’t have to be edible. These aloe ice cubes will work overtime on your sunburn. For you kitchen, herbs, fruits and veggies. Find this and other promotions at

coconut ice blocks made with coconut milk and condensed milk and evaporated milk then pour into ice tray serve when freeze an occasional snack for sunny daysStop using it just for boring ice cubes. ummer is officially here, which means you’re probably in search of the best mimosa recipe for brunch with your girlfriends. Thanks to this genius trick, which we spotted on Fresh Direct, drink prep just got much easier (not to mention way more fun). Make champagne ice cubes overnight and you’ll be toasting with bubbly in no time. All you have to do is fill up an ice tray with champagne. Once your ice cubes are ready, simply put them in a glass of orange or grapefruit juice! Cubic Ice Tray 14 creative ice tray hacks and recipes Today, we are taking you to the wonderful world of Ice trays. Friends! The cool and creative ice tray hacks mentioned in this post are worth copying! Check